Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Well come...the 2014
Alhamdullih Allah still gave us chance to breath,
Make a changes....
Enjoy life....
Andddd.....Allah give us a time to prepare to meet death...
So keep in heart to be a better person....
To make Islam.... In the eye of would
Insha allahh

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My full name is Nurulhidayah binti Mohd Yusoff. I was born on 8th July, 1991 in Hospital Kuala Terengganu. My family called me “kaklong" as I am the first child but my friends called me Yaya@Dayah. I have been raised up in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur in various places. Now, I am in the second year in taking Diploma in Food Technology course in POLISAS in Kuantan. Actually, my ambition is to be a Bahasa Malaysia teacher but the Ministry of Education denied my ambition as their priority is student with better SPM result. As now, my intention is to further up my studies in any field to have a degree or maybe master. I am a happy go lucky person but sometimes I am very sensitive! My dream is to buy a big house for my family and I would love to own a Toyota Vios, my dream car.

My father is an ex-army officer and now he is working in Putrajaya. He has a lot of capability such as cooking and is the President of residence society. He loved to do welfare jobs. My mother earns extra money by looking after the neighbors children

My father and mother have 5 children and I am the oldest. The second one is Ikin, now in Form 4. She is studying in a Technical School in Sepang in Science stream. She is struggling with her studies and one thing for sure, she will never give up! I am quite close with her .She is very good in drawing especially cartoons. Her future ambition is to be an Interior Designer.

The third one is Aisyah, now in Form 3 and soon has to take PMR exam. She has an asthma problem since baby. So, she has to live in a very clean environment and avoid cold drinks. The forth one in my family is Atip. He is in Standard 6 and soon has to take UPSR exam. Although he is not a hardworking student, I do hope he can achieve at least an average result! The last one in my family is my cute youngest brother, Aipol. He is in Standard 3. Everybody in the world love him so much as he is quite “manja” and I think he will be a very kind man when he grows up.

Although we are not from a rich family, we always thank to Allah for his blessing. We believe that to have better future depends on what we do today. It is not what we have; it is what we do with what we have!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Chapter 1 : About Masjid Negara of Malaysia

The Masjid Negara is the national mosque of Malaysia, located in Kuala Lumpur. It has a capacity of 15,000 people and is situated among 13 acres (53,000 m2) of beautiful gardens. The original structure was designed by a three-person team from the Public Works Department - UK architect Howard Ashley, and Malaysians Hisham Albakri and Baharuddin Kassim. Originally built in 1965, it is a bold and modern approach in reinforced concrete, symbolic of the aspirations of a then newly-independent Malaysia.
Its key features are a 73-metre-high minaret and an 18-pointed star concrete main roof. The umbrella, synonymous with the tropics, is featured conspicuously - the main roof is reminiscent of an open umbrella, the minaret's cap a folded one. The folded plates of the concrete main roof is a creative solution to achieving the larger spans required in the main gathering hall. Reflecting pools and fountains spread throughout the compound.

Chapter 2 : Map to Masjid Negara of Malaysia

Chapter 3 : History of Masjid Negara of Malaysia

Malaya gained its independence from the British government on 31 August 1957. Major development programs in areas of economy, social and architecture were actively implemented in line with the new government. The programs were also to portray new progressive culture and achieved democracy. Therefore, on 30 July 1957, in the meeting of the Federal Executive Council an idea to build a national mosque as a symbol of the country’s independence was mooted. In another meeting on 5 March 1958, Chief Ministers of the eleven states in the Federation of Malaya, a proposal was made to name the mosque Masjid Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, in recognition of Yang Teramat Mulia Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj’s efforts in guiding the country to gaining independence. However, Tunku refused this honour; on the contrary he named it Masjid Negara in thanksgiving for the country’s peaceful independence without bloodshed .
The mosque underwent major renovations in 1987, and the once-pink concrete roof is now clad in green and blue tiles. Today, Masjid Negara continues to stand sleek and stylish against the Kuala Lumpur skyline. An underground passage leads to the National Mosque located near the railway station, along Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin. Its unique modern design embodies a contemporary expression of traditional Islamic art calligraphy and ornamentation. Near the mosque is the Makam Pahlawan (Heroes' Mausoleum), a burial ground of several Malaysian politicians. Makam Pahlawan is a 7-pointed star concrete roofed structure

Chapter 4 : Uniqueness of Masjid Negara of Malaysia

Masjid Negara, The National Mosque is a uniquely designed building that embodies a contemporary expression of traditional Islamic art. It’s design is based upon the Grand Mosque in Mecca with 48 small domes and the main dome has the character of a multi fold “semi-opened blue umbrella” that is the roof which symbolises the 5 pillars of Islam and the 13 states of Malaysia. The 73 meter tall minaret has the shape of a “closed blue umbrella”.
The mosque with its very ultra-modern design is situated among 12 hectares of beautiful gardens and is one of the largest in Asia. The location, just opposite the old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station was chosen by the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Hais. The National Mosque was completed in 1965 at a cost of more than RM 10 million. As with all mosques we are required to take off our shoes and cover our head for a woman. Make sure we are suitably dressed if we want to go inside.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well....this is quite a difficult topic to write......but I like to share one of my memorable stories in my life.........the last time I cried with joy.......I won't ever forget it as long I live...............!

My stories goes like this.....After gain a good result in my PMR,I was offered to a boarding school in ERT Setapak in Wangsa Maju in 2007.


I have to live with 5 other students in a dome provided by the school.My life starts as early as 4:30am.We have to take a bath before the seniors do!Usually,after took the bath,we(the juniors) will take a nap back!Communication with the family is also difficult as we are not allowed to have mobile phone.The seniors is very arrogant and not cooperative at all!


As I entered the school on end of February(second intake),I have to catch up all the topics for the past 2 months!I cannot study late at night because we have to switch off the light by 1130pm.I can't concentrate on my studies anymore.I gave up!.......I have to get out of this school!


I met my counseling teacher and told my intention to go out from this school.She just smiled and give me a few motivational words.......No Pain!No Gain!She who spend when she would should not spend when she should so always struggle to achieve our goal and always try to be the best among the best!


After discussed with my family,I decided to go out from the campus on May 2007.Everyday,I have to wake up 5:30am and my father will send me to school 6:30am and we have to reach school by 7:30am from my house in Serdang.My class finish 3:30pm.As my father is working,I have to go back myself.From my school,I have to take a bus to Wangsa Maju LRT station.From there,I have to go to KL Sentral station and from there used commuter to go to Serdang station.From Serdang station,I have to take a bus to my house,Usually I reach my house as early as 6pm and as late as 730pm.At night,I have to settle my homework and study!Although I am tired,I still can smile as my family is always by my side to support me!!!!!


On March 2009,myself,my father and my mother are heading to school to take my SPM results.I am very nervous as I knew if I fail,I cannot further up my studies.The magical moment happened!!!I was announced as the best SPM student for the year!At that present moment,I just don't know what to say!!!Everybody was around me to congratulate me but to tell you the truth I can't remember their faces!I just cried and is a very complicated feeling

----happy to get good result

----the announcement took place with my family presence

----I am very shy as everybody is looking at me

I just kept crying while my mother hugged me and my father just kept laughing at me!That is the memorable moment in my life and although I cried with a complicated feeling,my tears of joy is the start of my new life for a brighter future!!